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Jordon Metz has been a trial attorney for more than 20 years and has represented physically disabled persons in civil rights cases for over 10 years.  Jordon graduated from University of Florida College of Law in 1992 and has been admitted to both the California and Florida Bars for over two decades.

Jordon has been a civil litigator throughout the course of his career and has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of civil and family law matters including jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations and mediations.  He has been corporate counsel for many major corporations including cases involving millions of dollars for CitiCorp.  He has been personal counsel to the founder of a major U.S. banking institution, a Baja Fresh franchisee, McDonalds franchisee, as well as co-counsel for Michael Jackson’s family. In the medical malpractice and personal injury field, he has tried and resolved millions of dollars in cases.

Jordon has handled successful litigation in all types of public accommodations and government facilities, including hotels, restaurants, sports venues, television studios, hospitals, retail establshments of every type and Title II cases against government entities including cities, colleges and universities.